Lucy, Solar Mamma, A Grandmother Of Maasai Tribe, Become a Solar Engineer

We’re all looking for stories of hope – that the world can be changed, that we are not limited by our culture, our backgrounds, our histories – and few stories are as inspirational as that of Lucy Naipanoi, a grandmother of Maasai, one of the last hunter gatherer tribes left on the planet.

With the help of her children and the wonderful people at Barefoot College, Lucy has become the Solar Mamma of her tribe, bringing light and energy to her neighbours’ households and her own, so that they and their children can adapt and thrive in an ever changing world and retain their respect for mother nature by adopting sustainable practices from the outset of their development.

Lucy through this talk is sharing her journey of becoming a solar grandmother and her plans of bringing light to people’s lives in her Masai community.


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Author: Lawrence Miglialo

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