We Have To Change The Way We Think About Planet Earth Now

Planet Earth

This is the video future generations will be wishing everyone watched today.

This is the video we can’t avoid watching any longer. This four minute video will change the way we think about Planet Earth and what we’re doing to destroy our one and only home, and trillions of other animals every year.  The consumption of all animal products is the number one cause of environmental devastation, species extinction and oceanic dead zones. The agricultural industry has consumed one-third of all fresh water and has destroyed 91 percent of the Amazon.

The video ends on a positive note, giving us hope for future life on Earth, but only if we make changes now in the way we – as individuals, and as communities – live on and use this planet, and each other.

Source: arzone.ning.com

Source video: facebook/Mercy For Animals

Video editor: facebook/zizi.branson


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