What NOT to Do and DO – Grease Fire in the Kitchen

An animal fat or vegetable oil inferno is pretty much the worst-case scenario in any kitchen environment. But do you know how to snuff out a fire if oil or fat goes up in flames? First, DON’T use water.

Steps to put out a grease fire:

  • Turn off source of heat (burner / element).
  • Do NOT pour water on it.
  • Another thing NOT to do: pick up the pan and try to carry it out of the house!
  • Attempt to remove all oxygen from the flame. You can cover with another pot, or baking pan.
  • If you can’t cover it, dump baking soda (lots of it) on it.
  • Salt works better on electric stoves.
  • Smother with lid, fire blanket, or wet cloth.

Here are 3 videos to help you understand better the danger:

Explosive Oil Fire at 2500fps 

Gav and Dan show you one of the kitchen’s biggest no-nos. Don’t put out an oil fire with water!


The CALL7 Investigators observed a controlled test that shows how quickly grease fires can flare up and spread.


Putting out kitchen grease fires

In no time at all, a cooking fire can turn your kitchen into an inferno. What do you do if it happens to you?

Source: lifehacker.com

Video: 7 NEWS – The Denver Channel


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