Endless summer : Chasing the sun around the world

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We are so excited for some beach weather! If you love the warmer months like us, imagine having an entire year of endless summer.We have worked out a way for you to chase that summer sun around the world and have the ultimate 12 months of summer.

January: Maldives
The skies are blue. The waters calm. The warm sea breeze is blowing over your face as you relax on the white beaches. Trust us from experience, starting your year of summer in The Maldives would be the perfect way to kick it off!

February: Thailand
February is the perfect time to visit Thailand, the peak Christmas season is coming to an ending – thinning out the crowds, but the weather is still amazing! Spend the warm weather lounging around the beaches, exploring the Thai jungles or for those a little more adventurous – go island hopping.

March: Barbados
Imagine spending the month of March lazing under palm trees and visiting rum bars. For our fellow surfers out there you can hit up Silver Sands Beach to catch world-class surf!

April: Dubai
One of our favourite cities we have visited so far, Dubai is the go to place in April. Dubai has two seasons – hot and hotter! Visiting Dubai in April is perfect, it’s beginning to cool down and the rainy season is coming to an end. Everything is bigger in Dubai! It has the worlds tallest tower, you can snowboard in their massive shopping centers, ride camels in the desert or even swim with dolphins! There is so much diversity here and we need to go back here!

May: Greece
Ahhh, Greece. This breathtaking country is on most bucket lists – and what a better time to visit then spring. Not too hot, not too cold.

June: Paris
The photo below speaks for itself. Nothing can beat a summer sunset silhouetting the eiffel tower. The weather during this time is parfait (perfect).

July: Hawaii
One of the most popular summer US destinations, with stretches of tropical beaches along turquoise waters and a variety of natural wonders, who wouldn’t want to spend their half way mark of “The Year of Summer” in Hawaii.

August: Peru
We know that most of you have the Inca Trail on your bucket list’s and they say August is the best time to do it!

September: Tahiti
Is there really a bad time to go to Tahiti?

October: Cape Town
Shoulder seasons in Cape Town boast amazing weather, fewer crowds and lower prices. Springtime will be bursting with colour. You must head to the top of Table Mountain to see thousands of flowers in bloom and you may see a cheeky hot air balloon or two off in the distance.

November: Morocco
From trekking to beaches, marvelling at the imperial cities to festivals and shopping – Morocco has it all! Spend your November surrounded by an abundance of colour, culture and history.

December: Sydney
We highly recommend spending December in our hometown, Australia. Summer is just beginning, the days are getting warmer and warmer and that beach vibe is amazing. We suggest you head to Bondi in Sydney and spend your days surfing the waves at Bondi Beach. You could even do a cheeky climb of the Sydney Harbour Bridge if you’re feeling up to it.



Source: flyingthenest.tv

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