RESONANT – Sound Responsive Audiovisual Installation

Part of the new media art scene will converge to Praha, Czech republic, for the third edition of Signal festival, an annual digital creativity celebration.

RESONANT, by Montreal-based french multidisciplinary artist Bruno Ribeiro, buzzes with life.


Created in collaboration with 0H1 collective and Studio Bruyant, RESONANT is an audiovisual installation that offers viewers the ability to personalize their own experiences within. Walking through a one-of-a-kind interactive tunnel-shaped structure, participants are asked to feed the LED tubes with words, shouts, and even vocals.Thanks to a combination of softwares— comprised of Ableton live, Resolume, MadMapper and Max Msp—processed sound data triggers the installation via a DMX system. Thus, the recorded voice becomes a sonic texture that is translated into music and light, immersing viewers in the core of an organic a/v vortex that questions and provokes human behavior and changes in perception.

While a first version was developed a few months ago, this new iteration has been upgraded site-specifically to embrace one of the most history-steeped location in the city.

“After some discussion with the Festival, we wanted to find a way to turn our original structure into an organic element of this amazing venue,” Ribeiro tells The Creators Project.

“It’s a giant indoor venue, below what used to be a monument to Stalin and his followers, which was built in 1955 but was torn down around 1962. Now it’s a giant underground venue, where parties and other cultural evenements takes place.”


Taking advantage of the specificities of the architecture, RESONANT unifies the column-filled space, bringing the installation to the next level.

“Instead of just setting our installation as is, we wanted to turn our structure into the core of a giant ecosystem of light, sound and shadows, spreading his electrical wires into the concrete pillars of the venue,” he explains.

“We are going to fix custom LED strips on the pillars of the venue, turning the space into the continuation of our installation.”

Ribeiro concludes that it was both challenging and exciting to adapt and create new content for the large space while preserving the venue’s dark, uncanny vibe.

Concept / Design /Sound Design / Direction: Bruno Ribeiro

Design / Structure direction: 0H1 Interactive

Direction: Studio Bruyant

Production/ Drac / ASCA – Le Labo

Source: hecreatorsproject.vice

Author: Benoit Palop

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