Imagine Pedaling One Hour For 24 Hours Of Your Own Home Electricity

Access to electrical power is the first step toward economic advancement for billions of people living in poverty. Free Electric can light their homes and shops, make food storage possible, and usher them into the 21st century.

One of the greatest advances in technology is being able to harness the power of renewable resources. After all, solar panels are becoming more common, cars are going electric, and we could soon be generating all of our electricity ourselves.

We are talking about a new invention called the Free Electric hybrid bike, created by Manoj Bhargava. When this stationary bike is in action, a flywheel turns a generator, which charges a battery. One hour of riding the bike will generate enough electricity to power your house for 24 hours. Better yet, generating this type of electricity means no pollution.

Now, busy and working-class people can reduce their energy bills, all while finding time to get a good workout in. Not only that, this bike can help generate power when the grid collapses, like when a major storm hits, or when there’s a blackout. But this bike goes way beyond our borders.

Currently there is an estimated 3 billion people who live without electricity. This bike will in turn help those impoverished people power their homes, and have access to things like the Internet, which means they can also get an education, live healthier and have a better chance to climb out of poverty.

Bhargava plans to distribute 10,000 bikes in India next year and has also pledged 90% of his earnings to charity and research.

When and where can I buy Free Electric?

We intend to have two versions of the bike. For people in poorer countries, the bike will be intended just for electricity generation, so it will be priced quite low. Manufacturing for that version will take place in India beginning in early 2016. For people in richer countries, the bike will have a few more bells and whistles, including a lithium-ion battery and more aesthetic features, and will be priced based on the market. Manufacturing for this version will begin in February or March 2016 in the United States. For every bike we sell in a rich country, one bike will be given to someone in a poor country. When pre-orders become available, we will make that announcement first to our volunteers who signed up prior to December 1, 2015, and then to all others who volunteered or signed up to receive updates.

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