Man Builds Clay And Stone Anime Castle For Dead Brothers Without Knowing

A mentally-ill farmer in Shandong, China, spent almost a decade building a seven-storey house out of clay and stone blocks.

According to Chinese media outlets, Hu Guangzhou, 55, has been working on the house for his brothers to move into. But sadly, both of Hu’s brothers have been dead for the past 10 years.

Despite local officials’ repeated attempts to explain to him that his brothers have passed away, Hu has refused to believe them, reported Epoch Times. People around him have also tried persuading him, but he did not listen.

Hu Guangzhou Builds 7 Story Anime Castle

The house’s shape has been compared to the famous dilapidated house in the popular anime Howl’s Moving Castle, by celebrated Japanese director Hayao Miyazaki. In the film, the mystical house had more than 80 elements including a wagging tongue, cogwheels and bird feet.


Howl's Moving Castle

Howl’s Moving Castle – director Hayao Miyazaki

Many have praised Hu for his ingenuity and building skills after seeing pictures and reports of his seven-storey innovation.

A profile shot of Hu Guangzhou’s home.

Although there are concerns about the safety of Hu’s house, no one has had the heart to tear it down.

Hu is said to be childless and suffering from “a biased personality.” It reportedly took the farmer almost five years to build the base of the house, and another three to add the subsequent storeys. In his spare time, repairs and upgrades are made to the house to strengthen its structures.

Hu Guangzhou

Hu has repeatedly refused to move into a nursing home, and is currently receiving quarterly subsidies from the local government. A bun store also donates steamed buns to him, reports say.


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