9 Year Old Girl Builds Tiny Mobile Shelters for Homeless because ‘Everyone Deserves a Place to Sleep’

Shoutout to the young spirits on our planet who combine their tenacious, fresh, and hopeful energy with their birthright of power and innate ability to create – you are the harbingers of a new world. Hailey Fort is one such person, beginning her work as a young philanthropist at only 5 years old when she asked her mother if she would buy a sandwich for a homeless man.


Small beginnings took root and less than a year later, Hailey started a vegetable garden from which she donates vegetables to a local food bank. Nowadays at the ripe old age of 9, Hailey has graduated to even more impressive acts of love and kindness.

Hailey is now in the process of building 12 mobile sleeping shelters to support homeless individuals in her community. Fort told King 5 News that “It just doesn’t seem right that there are homeless people. I think everyone should have a place to live.”

Hailey is building cozy little 8x 4 foot homes on wheels that feature windows, front doors that lock, and eco-conscious temperature insulation using recycled jeans.  She builds these little houses of love completely independently aside from a little assistance when using large power saws. Her grandfather is a professional contractor and has passed down some of his  expertise to Hailey.

She says her first sleep structure will be a gift to Edward- a homeless man who has become her friend and who lost his home after also losing his job as a supermarket employee. “He’s really nice,” Hailey says. “I don’t want him to berained on by all the bad weather we get here.”

Hailey’s kindhearted efforts have been warmly supported by two organizations, Together Rising and Momastery through which she has collectively been awarded $3,000 in grants to allow her to fund and create her first fleet of mobile sleeping shelters.  She was also gifted a 50% discount by the local Lowe’s Home Improvement store.  She plans to build at least 12 shelters.

According to true activist.com, “But building mobile, tiny homes for the homeless isn’t the only philanthropical activity keeping the young activist busy; Hailey has also been keeping up her gardening efforts. Last year Hailey donated 128 pounds offood, and this year hopes to donate 250 pounds of produce fromthe summer’s harvest.

Fort’s actions speak volumes and are warming hearts everywhere. Not only do shelters provide basic security for those presently without, but her determination to step up and ‘be the change’ is no doubt inspiring others to consider how they may be of more service to the world.

And the more Hailey learns about homeless issues, the more she becomes aware of what other types of needs individuals might have living on the street. She intends to hand out 1,000 toiletry items, 500 menstrual products, and 100 coats this year.”

We’ve heard of intellectual prodigies; geniuses of the mind. Here we have a prodigy of the heart; Someone who is holding a pure enough connection to source to truly live a life of love.  When asked what she wants to be when she grows up, Hailey’s answer was unsurprisingly, “someone who takes care of people.”

Source: ewao.com

Author: Laura W.

Support cause: Gofundme

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