Temporary Tattoo That Looks And Feels Like The Real Deal

If you are an indecisive person like myself, then you likely have a problem picking out pizza toppings, never mind committing to something that will last a lifetime like a tattoo. I think about tattoos often—I remember first wanting one when I was about 14. At that age I was dead set on having the Chinese symbol for “life” forever displayed on the inside of my left ankle. If there is anyone currently reading this who thinks that is not a terrible idea, I’m here to tell you that you are wrong. I’m not Chinese, I don’t speak or read Chinese, and the symbol for life would likely translate into something ridiculous in English. My tattoo selections did not get any better as I grew up: a sun on my lower back, a random flower on my leg, a dainty heart on my wrist. I never went through with any of them because my mind changed all too often. Tattoo is a huge commitment for the naturally indecisive—until now.

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Toronto brothers Tyler and Braden Handley have developed a new company called Inkbox, which is a temporary tattoo that looks and feels like the real deal. They came up with the idea after they couldn’t decide what tattoo they wanted to commit to themselves.

The tattoos are made using a fruit-based ink and work by using 4 different layers that distribute the safe, organic formula to your skin. Similar to a traditional peel and stick, you put the ink patch on your skin, apply a damp cloth for 10 minutes, and in 12-24 hours your tattoo will appear.


The ink fades gradually over time, eliminating the unsightly peeling that comes with most temporary tattoos. Instead of sitting on top of your skin, they temporarily stain the structural proteins in the top layer of your skin. If you want to have it removed before the 2-week timeframe, you’ll have to exfoliate the skin at least twice a day.


The website carries a ton of different designs with everything from anchors and arrows to animals and skulls to a slice of pizza or cup of coffee. Currently, you can only choose from the designs available online, but the brothers have started a Kickstarter campaign so they can develop the technology needed to create original tattoo designs.


A portion of the Inkbox sales goes toward the Darien Initiative, which provides support for local indigenous communities in Panama, where the ink is from. The aim of the Darien Initiative is to help the tribes keep their traditions alive and bring modern tools to help them with their arts, sports, music, and educational programs.

Photo Credit: The Darien Initiative

Photo Credit: The Darien Initiative

he Inkbox temporary tattoo is a great innovation for the decision impaired. It’s a way to try out that tiger eating a hawk design you’ve been on the fence about for some time. It’s a way to decide placement and get the feel of a real tattoo, without having it peel or flake and look like a brown blob after a few days’ time. Hopefully this new invention will put an end to tattoo regret and inspire others to finally take the plunge and get inked.

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