Amazing Video With Salvador Dali on “What’s My Line?”

We recently came across this charming clip from What’s My Line?, a popular 1950’s game show where guests would attempt to guess the occupation of the famous contestant. In this episode, the “mis-leading man” is Salvador Dalí, who pulls off the role with wide-eyed aplomb. The audience roars as the guests poke around for clues and Dalí freely admits to doing pretty much everything they ask, including being a writer and a sportsman, but it isn’t until the master of ceremonies reiterates the “performer in the arts” connection that someone is inspired to ask after his moustache. Though we were surprised to see an artist like Dalí on a show like What’s My Line?, we have to admit, watching the creatively blindfolded citizens question the patron saint of the bizarre is about as surreal as it gets, at least from a modern vantage, and we imagine he was rather pleased with the result. Watch the video after the jump!



Video: Kembrew McLeod / youtube


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