The Truly Eco-Friendly Denim that helps SAVE 7200 GLASSES OF WATER per year

ODO™ Denim is shaking up the clothing industry with their “self-cleaning” jeans and t-shirts. The company weaves silver into their fabric. This creates “peaks,” giving the fabric an anti-stain quality, and creates a chemical reaction with bacteria, rendering the fabric anti-stink.

ODO™ statements:


At ODO™, we are revolutionizing the denim industry by focusing on sustainable fashion that allows you to practice smart washing and raise a toast to “Green”, every day. According to Elana Rosenblatt, author of The Reformation, “As much as 80% of a garment’s energy footprint happens during garment care and nearly 90% of clothing is tossed before the end of its life.”

Saves_Water_1_small_large ODO™ is going to change these statistics. An average American drinks 1,420 glasses of water every day. Five times that amount of water goes into washing a single pair of jeans. With self-cleaning technology, we can effectively go weeks between washes without compromising on the hygiene and looks of the denim. Less washes subsequently mean a longer life.


The leaves of certain plants always stay clean, because dirt can’t adhere to their finely-structured surfaces and is easily washed off by rain. We have transferred the same self-cleaning effect to Odorless Denim by means of nanotechnology called NanoSphere

Water & Stains Have No Chance
The nanoparticles in the NanoSphere finish form a fine structure on Odorless Denim’s surface (see illustration). Water or substances such as oil or ketchup simply run off and any residue can easily be rinsed off with a little water.


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