3-D Printer Builds 10 Houses in 24 Hours for $5,000 Each!

Recent innovations in 3-D printing technologies has shown the world a new way of doing things. The first prototypes of these printers were created all they way back in 1984, while only recently they have become more available to us…the public. The way these printers work is called Additive Manufacturing (AM), this is the process of adding layers of material, usually done by robots and computers, which creates the 3-D objects.

Several different 3-D printing processes have been developed since the late 70s, though they were usually large, limited on production, and the cost was expensive. But the good news is that you can pick up a small 3-D printer for around $350-$400, with the price of this tech reaching up to $44,000.

WinSun, a Chinese company owned by designer Ma Yihe, were successful in creating 10 full-sized, detached single-story houses in just one day. WinSun achieved this as a response to the housing crisis. The increasing demand for an economical and sustainable living space could be solved with this technology.

WinSun’s 3-D printers are about 10m x 6.6m in size, and spray a mixture of construction waste and cement to build the house’s walls. These houses are produced for a minute sum of $5,000, due to the absence of manual labor and the recycled materials that are utilized.

WinSun hopes are that their continual production of these homes will solidify the method of providing modernized housing for villagers living in poor conditions, and to do it in a sustainable way.

Source: ewao.com

Author: Kirsten Cowart


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