Burzynski Cancer Cure Finally Released by The Feds

Stanislaw Burzynski, a doctor in Houston, has won another huge victory against the medical establishment.  Dr. Burzynski has found out how to cure cancer outside of the traditional western medical treatment.  This, of course, has not made the Western medicine supporters happy.

His treatment, which combines Antineoplastons with a remarkable new gene-targeted therapy, has targeted the economy created by the traditional cancer treatment, and is threatening to destroy this Western Medicine practice.


Let’s think about this, by curing the cancer, there is no longer need for the excessive cost treatments and care for the patients.  No medicine is need to treat the patients after the cancer is cured.  If you cure the cancer you take away the money, as the western medicine supporters see it.

The Burzynski Research Institute just recently had a press release alerting the media to the lifting of a 2 year partial clinical hold on an investigational new drug, which had been submitted for Antineoplastons A10/AS2-1 injections.  This has allowed for Phase 3 trials to start for patients who have just found out they have cancer.  For now, the Phase 3 trial will be dealing with Diffuse Intrinsic Brainstem Glioma.

Four phases, which each focus on a different purpose, are incorporated into the cancer treatment.  The FDA is provided with the scientific data that they claim will verify the worth and potential success of the treatment.

The Four Phases

  • Phase One: Safety determination of new treatment

  • Phase Two: Response determination of a certain cancer to new treatment

  • Phase Three: Verify that standard treatment  is less effective than new treatment

  • Phase Four: Find more specific information about the new treatment after it has been approved  for human use

Dr. Burzynski’s clinic analyzes 24,000 different genes and will then prescribe the petro-chemical based medications and diet plans that are based on the individual needs.  Antineoplastons are also given to the patients as well.  This is, of course, in direct contrast to the traditional treatment a Western Oncologist would prescribe.  Advancements in the study of the human genome has allowed Burzynski to give his patients their individual treatments much easier.

This treatment will be able to cure humans of cancer, and yet the Western Medicine practice has tried to shut it down.

Source: ewao.com

Author: Kirsten Cowart

Photo Credit: ahabs.org

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