Vanessa McKeown forms inflatable fruits and vegetables with balloons

Using everyday items collected from around the house and garden, artist Vanessa Mckeown styles ordinary materials into playful ‘edible’ items. her series of  ‘fruloons & vegaloons’ include a bundle of cherry tomatoes, a batch of grapes, an eggplant, coconut, banana and pineapple humorously reconsidered as a balloon-based species.

Artificial materials meet actual vegetation, forming surreal, physical collages of the two distinctly different mediums. examples include the simply inflated pink-toned plastic orbs carefully tethered to a real tomato vine, a blown-up yellow tube tucked in between the peel of a banana, and tiny purple spheres gingerly attached to a grape branch.

Author: Nina Azzarello


Images & Artist: Vanessa Mckeown

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