Top cheapest cities vacation for two people

Those who want a dirt-cheap vacation should go to Bucharest, Romania, where the stay costs only $260. Mumbai and Sofia, Bulgaria cost only $300 for the night, followed by Bangkok, New Delhi and Beijing. Nairobi and Vilnus, Lithuania both cost $380. The ninth and tenth least expensive cities were Budapest and Istanbul.

UBS created the list by finding out the average price in each city surveyed for two people to spend a night in each city, including incidentals like dinner with wine, a rental car, postage, and a taxi ride. Transportation to and from the cities was not included in the price.

Cost of a city break:


Prices for two people vacation.


The cost of a city break was for two people, with an overnight stay in a first-class hotel, two dinners at a restaurant including a bottle of wine, a taxi ride, two tickets for public transportation, a rental car (100 km), a paperback book, a phone call and postage for a letter. The prices listed do not include travel to and from the destination.


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