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Stephen & Jess, a young Australian couple who left everything behind to travel the world. Here’s their list with bizarre beaches to visit through Flying The Nest blog.

1. The Beach of the Cathedrals, Spain
Over the years this Spanish beach has transformed into a natural cathedral. With 30 metre tall arches and dozens of caves it is an incredible sight to see, especially during low tide.beaches
2. Panjin Red Beach, China
Located in the Liahe River Delta, this unique beach is a vibrant red colour caused by a type of plant called Suaeda Vera. If you are wanting to see this red beach for yourself you will need to visit in the autumn when the plant has matured creating this stunning red landscape.beaches
3. Jokulsarlon, Iceland
This beach is an incredible sight. With black volcanic sand and chunks of ice scattered along the shore from nearby glaciers, this beach is one of a kind.beaches
4. Bowling Ball Beach, California
Large spherical rocks are scattered across the shore of this beach resembling giant bowling balls, hence the name. Caused by millions of years of erosion, this rare phenomenon can also be seen in New Zealand and North Dakota.beaches
5. Cave Beach, Portugal
One of the most beautiful beaches on this list is found in Algarve in Portugal. After years and years of erosion this cave has transformed into beach straight out of a fairytale.beaches
6. Cow Beach, India
The Indian holy cow in Goa live a happy life spent lounging on the beach.beaches
7. Papakolea Green San Beach, Hawaii
The sand at this Hawaiian beach is green! When the surrounding volcanic mountains erupt the lava flows down into the sea where it cools off and produces a mineral known as olivine. Once the mineral gets washed up onto the shore it turns the sand green.beaches
8. Giants Causeway Beach, Ireland
This beach is made up of over 40,000 interlocking basalt columns, the result after years of ancient volcanic eruptions.beaches
9. Hyams Beach, Australia
Also known as White Beach, Hyams Beach holds the Guinness Record for having the whitest sand in the world! It pretty much looks like it’s snowing year round.beaches
10. Salton Sea Beach, California
This beach is particularly unusual as the beach is not covered in sand, it is covered in fish bones!beaches

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Source: flyingthenest


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