Nigerian Man Turns A VW Beetle Into A Solar And Wind Powered Car

This is one of the coolest ideas and to top it off it’s completely reasonable too!  Segun Oyeyiola was a student at Obagemi Awolowo University and while he was in attendance there, he converted his gas thirsty Volkswagen into a completely green energy machine by installing a large solar panel on the top of the car, with an additional wind turbine underneath the hood.  His idea is to have his concept of his new invention to become “Nigeria’s future car.”

At birth, the battery took 4-5 hours to charge, that was definitely not ideal.  Yet the largest challenge, according to Mr. Oyeyiola, was obtaining the best materials to use, and it didn’t help at all being surrounded by people telling him that he was wasting his time.

Check out this animation of a solar/wind-powered vehicle, illustrating how the batteries are charged via the multiple turbines.

The roof houses a mounted solar honeycomb-membrane panel which absorbs and collects the rays of the sun when parked and while it’s on the go, transferring that energy to the main energy housing located in the back of the vehicle.


Under the hood of this bad boy boasts three wind turbines that transfer air into energy and is then stored in the main battery.  The remaining wind turbine is located toward the trunk of the car, snagging the airflow that surrounds the car when you’re going down the road.

After this amazing invention becomes widely available, why would you want to use gas powered vehicles ever again? Do you know anyone who likes spending a large portion of their resources to put freshly squeezed dinosaurs bits into their car for fuel?  I sure as heck don’t.


Author: Kirsten Cowart

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