Bride’s Family Turns Canceled Wedding Into A Charity Feast

What started off as some bad news turned into an opportunity to do something for the greater good. A groom calls off the wedding one week before the nuptials and left the bride’s family with an event that cost 35,000 dollars! However, instead of canceling everything one week before the wedding, this family decided to continue to have the event.

The couple, Quinn and Landon got engaged in April of last year and were all set to have this enormous ceremony take place at the Citizen Hotel in Sacramento, CA. Unfortunately, this was not going to happen and although Quinn was devastated, her parents proceeded with the plans and generously invited the city’s homeless to partake in all the wonderful food that they had planned for this special day. Quinn did not attend the event. The guests, however, were very pleased with the sudden invitation and were grateful to the parents for providing it. The spread was intended to feed 120 guests and it included salmon, steak, salad, gnocchi, and a range of appetizers.


Author: Connie Craver

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