Anand Giridharadas : A tale of two Americas.

Ten days after 9/11, a shocking attack at a Texas mini-mart shattered the lives of two men: the victim and the attacker. In this stunning talk, Anand Giridharadas, author of “The True American,” tells the story of what happened next. It’s a parable about the two paths an American life can take, and a powerful call for reconciliation.

Anand Giridharadas: A tale of two Americas. And the mini-mart where they collided

Anand Giridharadas writes about people and cultures caught amid the great forces of our time.

Why you should listen

A New York Times columnist and the author of two books, Anand Giridharadas chronicles how the extraordinary economic, political and technological changes of our time shape the way we live, love, parent, vote, revolt, consume, strive and dream.

In his 2014 book, The True American, he documents an immigrant’s struggle amid the “War on Terror” to save his would-be killer from death row – in the name of Islam. His first book, India Calling, portrays a society transformed psychologically by explosive growth and opening to the world, seen through the lens of a writer returning to his parents’ homeland.

What others say

“Remarkable… a richly detailed, affecting account… Giridharadas seeks less to uplift than illuminate.” — Ayad Akhtar, New York Times Book Review, May 8, 2014


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