Moon Landing Photos Turned Into a Movie

A filmmaker has brought NASA’s manned moon landings to life in a new short called Apollo Missions. Earlier this month, we scoured the 28,000 photos dumped onto Flickr by Apollo Project founder Kipp Teague, offering you the sickest shots from the only manned mission that has put humans onto another natural celestial object. Those snap-happy astronauts took lots of nearly identical pictures that we had to sift through to find the gems, which was annoying for us, but set off a lightbulb above Vimeo user harrisonicus’ head.

“I was looking through the Project Apollo Archive and at one point, I began clicking through a series of pics quickly and it looked like stop motion animation,” he says. “So, I decided to see what that would look like without me having to click through it.”

Anyone else who scrolled through the massive photo bank can relate to clicking back and forth between images that seem like a sequence.

Apollo Missions brings the charming jumpiness of stop-motion animators like PES or PermaGrin Films, to those sequences of astronauts rocketing away from the Earth, climbing all over floating spacecraft, and getting their space legs.


Author: Beckett Mufson

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