Social Experiment – Bullying Kids and People’s Reactions

The following is an anti bullying video that was put together as a social experiment to see how the public would react if they saw a girl being bullied.

The video shows two older girls sitting at a bus stop who are picking on a younger girl. They are saying a number of mean and upsetting things to see if the adults sat around them would react.

Fortunately the members of the public do step in and offer their support.

One woman says:

“It’s that stuff that you’re doing that brings peoples self esteem down.”

And another man saying:

“Don’t mess with her. You keep reading… Don’t mess with her like that. It’s not nice.”

As you will see in the video, one in three children is a victim of bullying at some point in their lives. We can either choose to ignore it or like the wonderful people in this video we can step in and do something about it.


Author: Aunty Acid

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